Chloe. 20. ENFP. London. Taken by the lovely Shaun :) I'm studying specialist makeup for film, theatre and tv :) I post what I feel like posting and nothing is mine unless I say so :)
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#day3 Shauns lovely spagbol for dinner :)
#day3 late night stroll on the beach
#day2 heading out for an anniversary dinner :)
#day2 rainy day activities- a little bit of shithead!
#day2 our best attempt at homemade broccoli and carrot soup without a blender. Tasted quite nice considering :)
#day1 quick drink at the local alehouse before a roast
#day1 successful day at the beach :)
Making sure I dont burn #sowhite
#day1 time for the beach :D

this has gone too far